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A good company must pay attention to the fate of its employees.  They not only care about profit margins but also the state of their employees so that the wheels of the company continue to run.  But not all companies are able to provide the right services for employees.

That's why sometimes companies look for partners to provide services to their employees because they realize that employees are one of the company's assets that cannot be easily replaced.  Here are some companies required to have insurance services for employees.

Job Guarantee

The reason the company is obliged to have insurance services for the first employee is as a form of collateral for its employees.  Why is that?  Employees are not easily replaceable machines.  Companies cannot just replace with new employees.  Especially if the employee is an employee who has a positive impact on the company.

Guarantee that employees are able to always work optimally of course by providing guarantees during their work.  Good for accidents, health until after employees retire there is a guarantee from the company for the lives of employees.

Ease of Service

The second reason for the importance of insurance for employees is ease.  By entrusting service to employees to trusted work partners in their fields will provide convenience for both employees and the company itself.  Employees do not need to be bothered with licensing issues because a third party, in this case insurance, will explain all guarantees obtained from insurance that is followed by the company.

Acknowledgments of the Company

Aside from being a guarantee, insurance for employees must be owned by the company because it is a thank you or appreciation for what they have done every day.  Award in the form of guarantees as in the first point will make employees more actively working because they know that the company does not only care about the energy they spend but also their lives and welfare.

Improve Company Prestige

Another reason why companies have insurance for employees is to increase the company's prestige or self-esteem in the presence of other companies.  The guarantee you give to employees will increase work loyalty so that no employee will think of leaving the company.  This is considered very important because employees are certainly more likely to want to work in a place where all matters are guaranteed by the company.  Thus the company will look more attractive to job applicants.

Client Trust

The last reason the importance of companies required to have insurance for employees is to trust the client.  If all the points above can be obtained by the company, of course this will be a positive record for the client.

The client will certainly assess prospective coworkers carefully and the client does not want issues such as lack of corporate responsibility for employees or employee welfare that the company does not care about.  Moreover, if the company is able to display its achievements in internal service, the client will look positively at the company's external services.

The company's obligation to offer or have insurance for employees, not only for the company itself is increasing.  That was due to increasingly fierce competition between one company and another and the emergence of smaller companies that began to enliven the market.
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