How to successfully build an MLM business through blogging

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blogging for business

You never would have thought!

Blogging turns out to be a "telling" strategy in building an online MLM business.

I often recommend starting with a blog, when someone wants to build an online MLM business.  And I suggest it is not without reason, but I myself have proven it.

For those of you who are difficult to get referrals, or have never "broken eggs" get referrals.

Through blogging strategies, you will find it easy to get prospects.

And the prospect you get is not a fake prospect, but really a quality prospect and is ready to join your business.

More than that, when you consistently build a blog, then one day your blog will change into a "business" form.

Curious to know more about blogging strategies, read this article to the end!  ?

Why blogging?

The main purpose of building an online business is to expand the reach, meaning that with a wider reach, then your prospects will also be more and more, maybe even unlimited.

There are actually many tools to market your business, for example using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

But I always recommend to make your own website or blog.  The goal is, so that all assets / prospects, become entirely yours.

I will give a simple example.

You want to start promoting your business using Facebook media.

What you do next is create a Facebook Page and then promote your business opportunity on that Facebook Page.

In a few months, you consistently provide interesting content on the Page, and after a while, your follower becomes 10,000 people.

It's great to not play, right, when you know that you have a lot of followers / prospects?

But the next day, Facebook announced an algorithm change, and that made your follower drop dramatically to 7000 people.

That means, in a day you can lose 3000 followers / prospects.

It seems like it's impossible huh, but you need to know, it often happens huh?

When you build your business assets - that is, customers / prospects - on other people's platforms, like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., get ready to face the risk of losing your assets.

That is why I always recommend creating your own blog or website, the goal is to direct prospects to our blog, and then get their email or phone number.

I remember the words of Chris Ducker, from You Inc., that, when we build a business on someone else's platform, it's like building a house on rented land.

When a land owner wants to sell his land, then our house is also finished.

Building a business on someone else's platform is like building a house on rented land.

Does that mean we cannot use other platforms?

The answer is "OK", but not to store all of our asset data - namely customers / prospects.

You can really get as many followers as possible, but you also have to save your follower's data in your own storage area.

As long as prospect data is safe in our hands, then please use another platform.

For myself, I use other platforms just to increase engagement, and interact with my prospects, like posting interesting articles, commenting on their posts, or chatting.

The benefits of blogging for MLM businesses

Just like other strategies, blogging is also one goal, which is to reach as many people as possible, then make them our audience or fans.

After the audience is gathered and knows our presence in cyberspace, the next step is, how to make them customers or business partners.

In the real world, the process of network marketing has three stages, the first stage is getting prospects or getting acquainted with prospects, the second stage is networking, meaning establishing relationships with prospects, and the third stage is closing, meaning we change prospects into our customers or business partners.

In the online world too, the process is the same, and everything can be done through a blog.

Through your blog you can ...

# 1 Get new prospects automatically

When you are able to make interesting articles, then automatically there will be many people / prospects who come to your blog.

When people are reading your article, you must quickly get their email or phone number.

You can do this by installing an "opt-in form" on your blog page.

The more people who stop by your blog, the greater your chance of getting more prospects.

# 2 Establish a relationship with your prospects

Prospects that you have obtained you must treat them well.

You must be diligent in communicating with them, either through mutual comments on blogs, via email, or social media.

Getting prospects is easy, the most difficult is to consistently have a relationship with them.

So, make sure you always make time to interact with your prospects.

The more you interact, the faster it builds up.

# 3 Change prospects into customers or business partners

When trust has been formed, then you can easily convert your prospects into customers, or to join your team.

Create your own blog or use a replica web? It's best to create your own blog.

Basically, I don't recommend you to use a replica web, even though your MLM company has provided it.

My advice, it's better to create your own blog.

What topic to choose?

Creating a blog, of course, can not be separated from "what topics will be discussed on the blog."

A good blog is a specific blog and targets a specific market.

"Then for MLM businesses, what is the most suitable topic chosen?"

The answer, "Depends!"

There are two things that can be considered, the first "What are your interests?", And the second "In what area is your MLM business engaged?"

I always recommend creating a blog based on your interests.

Because writing articles is not easy.

When the topic that you bring you don't like, then writing it feels very heavy.

But it's different when you like the topic, it feels like an hour, two hours, three hours, it won't taste.

So it's important to choose topics based on interests.

But wait, our interest must support the MLM business that you live.

For example, if your MLM business offers health supplement products, and you happen to like sports, then you can choose the topic "Sports or Fitness".

Another example, let's say that your MLM company sells "essential oil" products, and you happen to like yoga and meditation, then you can choose a topic in the field of "Yoga or Meditation"

Remember, don't choose topics that don't connect ...

For example, your MLM company sells "cosmetic" products, then you choose the topic "Cooking".

'That doesn't make sense'

Remember: "A good blog is a specific blog and targets a specific market."

Start a blog

Okay, maybe you can not wait to make a blog.  So what should be prepared to create a blog?

# 1 Hosting

The first thing you have to prepare is hosting.

Hosting is a place where you save your website files or blog files.

I will not explain the technical matters, but when choosing hosting you should adjust it to your needs and abilities, and also reviews from others, not to choose the wrong hosting of poor quality.

If you are an IT or IT person who knows the ins and outs of networks, servers, etc., then I would recommend using Digital Ocean.

But if you are blind about technical matters, and want a simple version, then you can use NiagaHoster.

# 2 Domain name

Domain name is your website url or your blog url.

Examples of domain names are:,, etc.

Now, the thing that you should pay attention to is, what kind of domain name should you choose?

I always suggest using a domain name that contains your name, or if you want another name, use a simple name that will later become your branding.

Actually I can use my full name domain name, but I chose, because this name is better known by my friends and for branding it is also good.

But I suggest using your name or your nickname.

# 3 WordPress

WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that is commonly used for blogging or creating websites.

Content Management System or abbreviated as CMS is where we manage our content, where we write content, upload images, manage opt-ins, and so on.

I recommend using WordPress because it's very easy to use, there are lots of plugins available, and the support is good.

# 4 Themes

Well, actually themes don't really matter, but come to think of it, themes also play an important role in branding.

The better and cleaner the look of your website, the more people feel comfortable and trust you.

There are tons of WordPress themes available, but I recommend that you use GeneratePress.

Although paid but it's really good with all the features provided.

For the way of configuration and other details I will not discuss here, you can ask me private or just comment below.  ?

How long until the blog produces?

This question is very serious in my email.

"Brother Tri, how long do we have to consistently build a blog until the blog produces?"

I am sure, this question arises because you cannot wait for the results.

"How come there hasn't been a month?  How come it's been three months without any results?  How come it's been six months with no results? "

patient,, Everything takes time ... Throw away the "instant noodle mindset"!

I can't give a definite answer!

But, the more you focus on providing good content, and run the right blogging strategy, the faster you will see results.

Now, if I personally just see the results in the third month.  At that time I got one person who joined in my MLM business through a blog.

How many results did it not?  But "small progress is still a progress".  And that little progress that made me never stop until now.


So maybe many of you who previously didn't understand the function of that blog.

But I'm sure, now you already understand the function of blogs in the MLM business.

When you build a business online, that means you "reveal" yourself to many people.

Many people know who you are, what your business is, what your product is, and so on.

With a blog, you can market content, and of course the content that you provide is interesting content for your prospects, so that your prospects are automatically interested and stop by your blog.

As long as they are busy reading your article, then immediately get their email or phone number.

After that, build relationships consistently until trust is formed.

From there you can start offering your products or materials inviting them to become your business partner or the term becomes your downline.

Actually, the plot is very easy, first build an audience, after the audience is formed, then establish a relationship, and after trust is formed, then offer your product or business opportunity.

Build Audience -> Build Relationship -> Closing

Simple isn't it!

Are there any of you who have built MLM businesses using blogs?  Share, what have you done, and what have you learned!

Write it in the comments column below friends!  I wait.. ?

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