CASE STUDY: How I earn $ 595 per month by being a dropshipping

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Dropshipping 2020
Having more income for an employee is desirable.  Although the income is not so big, but on the other hand we still have a fixed salary from the company.

This time I will tell you how I can get 5 million monthly with the internet.

And I will also teach you how.

Surely you also want to get what I already get, right?

Okay, let's see what I have done so far.

In the middle of 2019, I jumped into the world of blogging, at that time I did not know what the benefits of blogging were and how I could make money from there.

Instead of doing blogging activities, I also try online business to become a dropshipping, and from here I get extra income

At first I was hesitant, because I did not know the online business world, but after I tried to do promotion, luck came to me, I managed to sell what I was advertising through blogging and social media, and it was free.

Do you also want to do that?  Let's discuss how you can run a business without capital by becoming a dropshipping, and this is what you must do.

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1. Choosing the Right Products and Partners

Sorry.  These two things are not negotiable.  Both are key to the success of the dropshipping business.

The right product choice leads you to many consumers.  The right dropshipping partner / supplier of goods will also launch your business.

However, just admit it, it is very difficult to determine the right products and suppliers.  Because, there is no certain size which is right for business.  So, often everything depends on instinct and chemistry with business partners.

However, we will try to give a little guidance to help you choose products for dropship.  The following points are what we mean:

  • Choose items that have one niche.  Too many items with various niches will only make you unfocused.  The reputation of the store will also not be as good as specifically selling certain products.
  • Choose products that are lightweight and durable.  This kind of typical product can reduce the risk of damage during the shipping process.
  • Avoid heavy, large-volume, easily damaged and fragile products.  Products like this are difficult to send, the shipping costs are expensive, and the risk of damage is also great.
  • Prioritize to sell goods that have high demand in the long run.
  • Selling products that are trending in the market.  Make the product attractive for new customers.  However, don't just hang up products that are trending to avoid the risk of loss.
  • Avoid selling products that are already owned by large competitors and have a loyal customer base.

Besides the product, don't forget your relationship with the product supplier.  As much as possible, make close and personal relationships with your business partners.

Think of the supplier as being as important as the consumer.  Without a supplier, of course your business will not run.  No goods reach the consumer if there is no supplier.

Don't think of these tips as boasting, you know.  Good relations with this supplier is a strategy used by Zappos.  Told in the book Delivering Happiness that must be read by Hoster Rangers, this strategy also led Zappos to become the first shoe ecommerce that has the most complete collection at competitive prices.

Coupled with excellent customer service, Zappos finally joined Amazon.  So, business success is also very much determined by your partner.  Remember the tips above as long as you run a business.  Especially in the early days.

In addition to relations with partners, you also need to try to think of the right cooperation scheme.  Not always profit is taken from the difference in supplier prices and dropshipper selling prices.  If so, you will be desperately competing in the market.  Because, there will always be sellers who sell goods at lower prices.

Succh strategies are not healthy.  Also, it will not make you get many benefits.

So, try to consider the commission system for your supplier.  This system is much safer to implement.  Also, suppliers take part in business success.  You can pressure suppliers to continue to improve the quality of products and services.  Especially in the case of stock information and fast responses (especially relating to returns or return of goods).

2. Add Unique Selling Value

Selling at the lowest price, surely many customers arrive.  That sentence is already imprinted in the memories of many people.  Business people and consumers too.

Perhaps that is why price is the first thing that is seen.  Prospective consumers are always looking for the lowest prices.  Inevitably, business people compete offering economical prices too.

However, believe in slamming the price does not always make your business successful.  In the long run, such business practices will only make it difficult for yourself.  Because that means, you are forced to attract more and more customers.

Even though it has become a public secret.  Finding new customers is more difficult and expensive than maintaining old ones.  When presented, the possibility of selling to new customers is only around 5-20 percent.  Far away with the percentage of sales to old customers, which is 60-70 percent.

Therefore, you need to be smart to add selling points to the product.  It is through this selling value that you can justify prices that are slightly above average.

In the case of the dropship business, it's rather difficult to add selling points or unique selling points to the product.  Yes, because back again ... anything related to the product is not your direct concern.

Instead, switch the selling points to things that are related to the customer.  For example, reliable customer service, guaranteed fast delivery time, competitive shipping costs, give points and rewards, insert freebies and product testers, and so on.

3. Pay Attention to Business Branding

Branding is a matter that cannot be separated from business.  Because of branding, a business can be remembered by many people.  Because of branding too, the business manages to attract customers and make itself different from other businesses.

The reasons above certainly make sense.  In fact, it has become a common sense.  So, let's try to reverse the logic so that you understand very well the importance of branding.

Simply put, an online store without branding only addresses itself to be forgotten.  Such stores are not special and intend only for one transaction.  Prospective customers do not have a strong reason to buy at the store.

That's also why most of the dropship businesses that are not branding, are crazy selling prices.  Before finally closing the stalls because business is not comparable with cuan.

So, until here, you understand the importance of branding?  Yes.  We hope so.

Your business identity is in branding.  Because your own identity is unique, you can only use branding as a form of selling point or unique selling point.

To make this concept easier to understand, you can think of branding as a friend.  How the nature, personality, and style appear in the logo design, website appearance, and other promotional material.

We know the concept of humanizing business is rather difficult to understand.  But in essence, branding must be able to explain what your business is and what your business can do.  Later, you can measure how strong business branding is in three categories:

  • Top of Mind ━ a brand is immediately known when someone asks a brand in a certain product category.  For example, "name five gadget brands that you know of."  So the list of brands called successful occupy the highest brand awareness caste.
  • Un-aided Awareness ━ ​​consumers know the brand after being lured by its brand competitors.  With the same questions as before and added as brand A, consumers can name brands B, C, D, and E.
  • Aided Awareness ━ ​​when a brand name is introduced by people to consumers.  In other words, consumers don't automatically think about it.

In order to reach the highest level of brand awareness, there are many things that can be done.  The method is not limited to social media and promos.  For example, offering a free trial program, enforcing promotions through referrals, partnering with influences and others.

We review many other ways to introduce brands to potential customers.

4. Create a Website

Website ?!  Is it not too much if a dropship business has a website?

Bet, you would think of such questions.

Our answer: ah, not really.

Like already wet, why not dive all at once?  If you understand very well the importance of the concept of branding, why not all follow the best practices as well?

After all, the website is the key to online business success.  All important information about business, product details, promotional content, and photos can be present in full on the online store website.  More importantly, the website can maximize business brand awareness.

Requirement, website design must not be generic or mediocre.  If you just ordinary, prospective customers easily forget your business.  In other languages, your branding efforts could fail.

The easiest way to create a slick website is to submit it to the experts.  Website creation services like Niagaweb are ready to help you create a cool business website.

Another way is to install a free website template and play around with visuals.  Provided you can display photos or videos that are interesting support, web design will not be too much of a problem.  At a minimum, potential customers can remember the video and photo content that you created.

Specifically, there are two types of photos that you need to display on the web.

First, product photos.  This is a visual element that must not be missed.  A typical photo like this can change your product to be more attractive.  The thing you need to do is take photos with a clean background.  A clean background successfully makes the product the main focus of the photo.

Don't forget to take photos from many sides.  Front view, side view, and top view.  If necessary, also include a photo preview when the product is used.  For example, photos of shoes worn complete with feet.  This helps prospective customers get a real picture of the product's appearance when they wear.

Second, concept photos or lifestyle.  This type of photo gives the story of the product being sold.  So, you won't appear to be trying too hard to sell a product.  Sometimes this kind of photo attracts customers to buy products.

Conceptual photos provide context for the product being sold.  Such photos are also flexible for use in various promotional materials.  Especially on mediums such as social media, blogs and other marketing channels.

You can slip the identity and style of the target market in the photos created.  In this way, the target market feels that your business represents its identity.  Then finally, they were interested in buying products.

5. Offer Convenience with an Automatic System

Everyone wants to shop quickly and easily.  Therefore, you need to implement an automated system for shopping.

Anything that can be made automatic, just make it automatic.  Especially about the calculation of prices and shipping costs.  No need to bother to realize this point.  You just have to install the plugin for the online store.  Instantly, important things related to shopping can run more easily.

In addition to the matter of shopping itself, it is a good idea to implement an automated system in email or newsletter notifications.

You can send a greeting when a potential customer creates an account, sends details of purchases of goods, to remind potential customers to make payments.  For that, you can take advantage of platforms such as Mailchimp.

6. Use the Limited Edition Strategy to Rocket Sales

If you think promotion will reduce your profits, there is still time to change your mind.

Promotion is a great way to invite people to shop.  Even though they do not need goods, visitors can buy the product when they see the interesting promotions you offer.  Without promotion, 81 percent of people will only come to look around and then leave your website.

Promotion is easy.  But with a little touch, you can speed up sales and increase the number of items customers buy.  That touch is called technical promotion of urgency and scarcity.

For example, Niagahoster also provides domain hosting promos which of course in addition to increasing urgency while attracting consumers to buy domains and hosting from the promos provided.

Let's discuss the urgency method first.  The urgency method "forces" customers to race against time to get discounts or promotions.  With urgency, customers are triggered to immediately go to the checkout page and secure the product they want.  The sooner they complete the purchase, the sooner you will get multiplied profits.

To implement urgency, you can occasionally hold a flash sale on your website.  Add a countdown timer with a large size on your home page.  Don't forget to use red and orange to increase sense or urgency.

In addition to urgency, you can also try scarcity gimmicks.  When an item has a limited edition predicate, the item will be seen as more valuable and too bad to miss.  This then motivates visitors to get it immediately before it runs out.

The application of this gimmick is also easy.  You can set your website if the stock of goods is never more than 3. In addition, add a call to action or a red copy and rather large with the words: "Come fast!  This is the last stock "or" There are 10 people who are also looking at this product ".

Such copy can encourage visitors to immediately complete the transaction.  This method is effective in leading to high season sales such as holiday, Christmas and other seasonal sales.

Benefits of being a Dropshipping

We have already explained six ways to become a successful Drop shipping, you just have to implement the strategy correctly.

Now, as an online business, what makes dropshipping able to bring promising profits?

Here are some of the benefits of being a dropshipping:

No Need to Get Out of Big Capital

You can start a dropshipping business regardless of the capital you have.  The reason is, you don't need to make a product purchase at the beginning.  You only buy if there is a consumer demand for certain products.

In addition, all costs for managing goods, including shipping, are borne by the producers of the goods.

As a dropshipping, all you need is the capital to build and manage your website.  Even then, in small amounts.

Facing Minimum Risk

The risk faced by a dropshipping is relatively small.

For example, there is a change in product purchasing trends.  If you buy a product first and then sell it, you will incur losses if it turns out that the product is no longer in demand by the market.

On the other hand, the above method requires that you bear the risk if there is damage to the goods to be sold.

This will not happen to the dropshipping business.  Because, it is not necessary to purchase products at the beginning like a Reseller.

No Need to Have a Warehouse

Dropshipping does not need to prepare a warehouse to store goods to be sold.  Because, these goods will indeed be sent directly by producers to consumers directly.

The absence of a warehouse means that there is no need for personnel and systems to manage it.  That is, operational costs can be more minimal.

No High Ability Required

As a dropshipping, you don't need to build complicated business systems.  You simply choose a good business partner with a system that has been running optimally.

Then what do you need to do?

Foresight to see opportunities for products that sell from certain producers and good selling ability. Certainly, the results will be more optimal if supported by a website that runs without obstacles.

Free to sell various products

Running a dropshipping business allows you to sell various products.  Ranging from daily necessities to digital products such as ebooks.

Although you must still pay attention to business strategies, you can sell various products at once.  Simply display these products in your online store easily.

Free to Sell From Anywhere and Anytime

Like other online businesses, dropshipping can be run from anywhere.  As long as there is an internet network, you can serve the requests of customers who visit your online store website.

In addition, you are not bound by opening hours as well as offline stores.  An online website that is equipped with notification and tracking features will make it easy for your dropshipping business to grow quickly.

So, What's the Difference between dropshipping and Reseller?

The question above would have occurred to you.  Especially after you learn from the strategies above it feels familiar and can be applied also to other business models.

To answer your curiosity, here we explain the difference between dropshipping and reseller.

Ready to Start a dropshipping Business?

In essence, the dropshipping business model is far more flexible and lacks capital.  If you want extra money from the internet without high risk, dropshipping is the first option that can be tried.

However, it's different if your capacity and experience in the online business world is already qualified.  If this is your condition, you may explore a more competitive reseller business.

Whatever choice of business model you choose, be sure to subscribe to hosting and domains through Niagahoster.  Starting from just $1.82, you can get an online store website that is fast, safe, and easy.  Plus, there is customer service ready to serve 24/7.

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