9 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction

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It cannot be denied, the level of employee satisfaction is directly proportional to the productivity of the company.  The more an employee feels comfortable and satisfied with his work, the more he works and thinks creatively for the progress of the company.

However, increasing employee satisfaction cannot be achieved without the efforts of the company's leaders.

If you are a company leader, here are 9 ways to increase employee satisfaction that you have tested and can try.

1. Start with More Listening

Trying to listen seems simple, but unexpectedly many people fail to do it or go through the wrong way to listen.

Before you map out what can boost employee satisfaction, you must first recognize the existing problems, and this can only be done by listening to your employees.

One way to listen, you can submit a short survey to all employees.  Ask about their satisfaction working for companies on a scale of 1 to 10.

Also include the question of whether they feel developed, work is satisfying and whether they feel they contribute and work is valued.

If you are too busy to ask directly, in this technological era there is already software that facilitates this survey process, including 15Five and TINYpulse.

Both require only 15 minutes for employees to fill out their surveys and the results can be used to help you find solutions to improve employee satisfaction.

2. Communicate as often as possible and what it is

Communication is the key to all existing problems, including the level of employee satisfaction.  It takes smooth, consistent, and straightforward communication to create an employee's job satisfaction.

The simplest way to communicate with all employees is to send regular emails every week.  If this is done, an employee will feel valued by his CEO.

Also ask yourself when was the last time all company devices gathered together?  It might be difficult for a very large company and the answer can never be.

But you can just try to form a monthly meeting where all parts of the company can meet and get together to get the latest company updates.

Communication works both ways, it requires listening more and catching what employees need.

Speak as is with your employees.  Never underestimate your employees, they are intelligent and can feel if you are speaking dishonestly to them.

3. Prioritize Employee Health

What is your position when you are reading this article?  If you read it in the office, it is almost certain that you are reading while sitting behind a desk.

When working from morning to night, indeed most of the body rests while sitting and doing work.  This is not good because the body is less mobile vulnerable to disease.

There are several unique and simple ways to increase body movement in the office, for example by painting a walking path on the floor that must be passed by everyone to get to the meeting room.

In addition, try to pay more attention to snacks that are given at the meeting, whether it is nutritious, not just sugar without calories.  Try replacing them with healthier foods if needed.

4. Make a Common Goal

To increase employee satisfaction, you can also create shared goals that help your employees to map their work with motivating goals.

This is quite important because with an objective, employees will feel that they are working in harmony with the company's mission, and everyone knows how he can contribute.

Sometimes employees feel dissatisfied because their efforts are insignificant to the company's progress.  Avoid this by always defining the company's mission to help employees set goals.

5. Focus on Growth and Development

To be able to handle new challenges, doing all the difficult tasks, of course everyone needs to develop skills (abilities), including by learning more opportunities.

One of the many big companies do is sponsor their employees to study again to take the necessary skills, or invite them to attend seminars and training.

This is quite important because if the company closes the opportunity for its employees to develop, it will begin to emerge dissatisfaction that is increasingly increasing.

6. Hold Employee Presentation Sessions Each Month

The next way to increase employee satisfaction is to hold monthly presentation sessions.  The speaker is your employee.

The topic is free according to their choice, but related to business or personal development.

This seems to be quite effective because by sharing knowledge, the company gets valuable new lessons, and employees who share their knowledge develop into better public speakers.

This method is also quite helpful for introverted employees who have very many ideas in their heads but are not confident enough to say it in the forum.

7. Reward for Successful Work

You might think why you should give another special award, even though the employees already get a salary worth the work.

However, giving more rewards when your employees reach sales figures, complete projects on time, or other successes will make these employees feel more valued.

There are many ways to give more rewards such as holding a salvation at the office, giving holiday tickets, and giving additional leave.

8. Challenge Your Work Team

Like muscle, a team will not develop if not given a little pressure and trained with challenges.  So it is with your employees.

A podcast from the CEO of Awesome Office named David Hassel explained this.

There are two kinds of pressure, eustress (motivating pressure) and distress (bad pressure, stress).  Distress is very dangerous, but eustress is actually needed by every employee to feel motivated.

Speaking of challenges, you don't need to think for a long period of time.  It could be by making challenges that might be done on a daily or weekly basis that makes the energy of work focused and employees get a boost from within themselves.

For example, if you lead a sales team, challenge them to reach a weekly total of sales 6% higher than the previous highest achievement.  Give credit when this is achieved.

Always challenge your team to achieve things they think are unable and keep the spirit of work.  The results will be seen by themselves.

9. Facilitating Friendship

There is a relationship between emotional factors and employee satisfaction at work.  Employees need attention, support, and appreciation that can be realized by having good friends.

When there is an emotional connection with colleagues, an employee will try harder to achieve team goals and work comfortably and be able to enjoy his work.

Of course you cannot force employees to be close friends, but you can always facilitate them by allocating time to socialize outside working hours.

That's 9 ways to increase employee satisfaction in your company.  Start with the smallest things so that employees always provide the best work results for the company's rapid growth and development.

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