11 Tips for Successful Job Search at the Job Fair

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11 Tips for Successful Job Search at the Job Fair

Have you just graduated from college and are planning to take a job fair? Well, your action is very appropriate! Job fair is indeed one of the effective methods to find work.

By registering at the event, you can find various job openings from various companies. Surely it is profitable, right? You don't need to be tired of applying directly to his office or sending applications via the post office.

What you need to consider if you want to take part in the job fair, make sure you prepare carefully. Because the number of your competitors is not small!

In addition, some companies usually also open direct interview sessions to see applicants' performance. So yes, you can't help but have to be ready. Well, here are some tips for successful job search at the job fair.

1. Make a List of Existing Companies and Learn

Usually the job fair ads will show the names of participating companies. Whether it's on the job fair banner, website, email, or other media.

If you find info about the company, then write it down immediately! Likewise with work position info, you should also note it.

By you making a list of company names and work positions, it will help you to prepare everything more mature. You can learn about the company profile first. In addition, you can also predict the number of applications you will make.

2. First Determine the Position You Want to Apply

The second tip for applying for work at a job fair, of course, you must determine the type of position you want to apply. What is admin? Quality control? Marketing? Customer Service? Production? Or other?

It's best if you don't just focus on one position! Even though your main goal is to find a position that suits your major of study, don't close the opportunity to work in other fields.

Even more so if you are a fresh graduate. Try exploring abilities and dare to accept the challenge! With you trying to work in a variety of positions, it will add to the experience.

3. Make the Resume as Attractive as possible, Try to Optimal Amount

Resumes, cover letters, portfolios, or whatever they are called, make sure you make it as attractive as possible.

You can search on Google, now there are many online applications for creating unique resumes. You can try it! Or if you are still confused, just ask for help from a good design friend to make your resume design.

Also, make sure you always update the resume. All the skills and work experience that you have, don't miss anything.

Finally, try to print as many resumes as possible to be taken to the job fair. Think of it as a backup. If it is a little, afraid that you will even run out of resume.

4. Make sure all documents are complete

The day before the job fair, you try to check all the documents that you want to bring. Starting from the application letter, resume, diploma, certificate, KTP, photo and other supporting documents. Make sure everything is complete.

Arrange your documents neatly. To avoid clutter, attach the clip and put it in a folder. That way, later on in your location no longer need to be confused to arrange it. Just leave the application alone.

One more thing, don't bring dirty files! That will make a bad impression for you.

5. Maintain Body Stamina as Best As Possible

The next point is no less important, you must maintain stamina! Usually job fairs are very crowded.

With so many companies contributing, so many applicants. Even usually until the long queue. Of course it makes the atmosphere so hot and tired body.

Therefore, you must prepare your stamina well. Make sure you eat enough food to add energy, and don't forget to rest.

6. Pay Attention to Your Clothes, Ensure Neat and Polite

When you want to take part in a job fair, don't let you dress randomly. Moreover, only wearing t-shirts and jeans. That's not proper, you know!

Usually outfits for job fairs are synonymous with formal, neat, and polite clothes. If you are a man, use a white shirt top and black cloth pants. You can also add suits, if available.

As for women, it's almost the same, namely a shirt or blouse top. Choose a bright color, preferably white or pastel colors. Then add a blazer to enhance your appearance. And don't forget, wear black skirt.

Oh yes, for men's shoes choose loafers. If your woman can choose black wedges.

7. If you have time, you should do self care first

Appearance becomes the main judgment when people see you. Therefore, if you want to get a positive impression, then look as attractive as possible.

Not only from how to dress, but the body also needs attention. Therefore, you try to do maintenance before participating in the job fair. Like cutting nails, facials (not necessarily in the salon, at home can also!), And body scrub.

If you look clean and fragrant, then the clothes are also neat, automatically it will make you get a good impression.

8. Conduct a Survey to the Job Fair Location on H-1

To avoid delays on D-day, we recommend that you do a location survey the day before. Take a look at the parking lot, the room, where is the toilet, and is there a place to eat.

Yes, things like that you better explore it first. So that later you don't need to be confused anymore.

If the job fair location is outside the city, you can look for temporary lodging. This is also quite important though! Because after the job fair, there will usually be a test call at the same location. If you hurry home, then suddenly get a call, you have to go back and forth right?

It's better, just wait 3 days at the semantara inn. You can survey while waiting for a call comfortably.

9. Practice gestures and how to communicate in front of the mirror

Tips for finding work at the next job fair is to do the exercise first. When you are at home, try practicing your gestures and ways of communicating in front of the mirror.

It would be better if you make a brief note about self-introduction on paper. These notes will help you to be smoother when interviewed at the job fair location.

In addition, by practicing, you can also reduce nervousness and minimize errors that might occur.

10. Make a List of Questions for the Company, Minimum Five!

To find work at a job fair, you should not be passive. Don't be the same as the other participants! In other words, you try to stand out.

You do this by playing an active role in giving questions to the company. Just make at least 5 questions from home. For example, about work positions, job desks, how many vacancies are opened, or others.

By asking questions, it shows that you are really interested. Surely the interviewer is also increasingly interested in you. For information, examples of good questions you ask can be seen in this article.

11. Try Searching for New Contacts, That Can Add to Your Connection

Taking part in a job fair isn't just about applying for a job. But you can also take advantage of these moments to find new people.

Try to be a friendly person. You can try to approach the company's HRDs there. In addition, approach also the applicant participants. This tactic is very good for you to add connections.

Even if you don't end up getting work from the job fair, at least you still have acquaintances. Yes, who knows, one day your friend can help you provide job information.

Those are some tips for success seeking work at the job fair. In essence, to take part in the job market event, prepare documents in full, maintain stamina, and get as many connections as possible. Good luck!

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