10 Important Things That Will Make Your Career Brilliant

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10 Important Things That Will Make Your Career Brilliant
Wherever you work, you want to have a brilliant career, right?  This desire is very good because a brilliant career will give you a better reputation, salary, and position.

The opposite is true if your career is mediocre or stagnant.  You might be demotivated, stressed, bored, and blame others.

The question is, how do you have a brilliant career?  Of course, there are many things you need to do.  However, for the initial stage, you should focus on the following 10 important things.

1. Career plan

Believe it or not, many employees don't know their career paths.  For that, you don't need to be like them.  From now on, make your career plan.

For example, if you are currently a new marketing staff on a trial period, then your career plan might look like this:

  • First year: become a permanent employee
  • First 3 years: rising to senior staff
  • First 5 years: become head of the marketing unit
  • Second 5 years: become a marketing manager

What if you are now confused with your career?  The solution is to consult with your direct supervisor or company personnel.

When consulting with them, ask what position you can pursue in the following years.  Don't forget, also ask what competencies you must have for the position.

2. Professional

Every company expects every employee to work professionally.  If simplified, the professionals here are working according to their rights and obligations.

Which comes first, your rights or obligations as an employee?  Of course, as a good employee, you need to put your obligations first.

To fulfill these obligations, read the job description you get when you are hired.  In addition, do all the tasks requested by your boss well and on time.

3. Enthusiastic

The third important thing to make your career brilliant is enthusiasm.  That is, you are eager to work even though your project or work is heavy or boring.

To be enthusiastic about working, what you can do include:

  • Get a good night's sleep (6-8 hours daily)
  • Having a mindset contributes to the progress of the company
  • Challenge yourself to add experience in every task or project that is done

4. Never complain

Like it or not, your work and work environment usually doesn't meet your expectations.  If this happens, try not to complain.

Why?  Because complaining will not bring a solution, it will make the situation worse.

You better consider all obstacles encountered as a test to strengthen your mental and skills.  In addition, focus on efforts related to your career planning.

5. Good relationship

Your success as an employee cannot be achieved by yourself (one man show), right?  For this reason, you need to build good relations with your boss, coworkers, or subordinates.

For example, your boss criticizes the results of your work.  Don't be angry or stressed.  Accept the criticism with an open mind so that you can improve yourself to be better.

Remember, good relations are not only at work.  However, you can develop it outside of work.  Examples are attending coworkers' events (for example, weddings or children's birthdays), joint sports (soccer, golf or badminton), and recreation together on weekends.

6. Teamwork

Like building rapport, teamwork is very important for your career.  So, work together with your teammates or team in achieving targets or completing projects together.  Forget for a moment work competition for mutual success.

For example, you are a marketing manager.  Teamwork that you can do include holding weekly meetings to find out and evaluate projects.

7. Up to date

In this day and age things change quickly.  You need to know this change (up to date) and respond to it carefully.

For example, you are a geologist or a mining staff.  You need to know the changes in science, knowledge, and technology related to geology that might be applicable in the workplace.  You can do this by:

  • Buy the latest books on geology
  • Following the geology forums
  • See the results of the latest research in the field of geology
  • Following training in order to improve your competency

8. Do not waste time

What many employees may not realize is that they often waste time on work.  For example, they arrive late, extend lunch time, and chat with coworkers during working hours.

You do not like them.  If lunch time is 30 minutes, use that time wisely so that you are on time.  If you are Muslim, the breakdown of the use of this time can be: 20 minutes lunch and 10 minutes Dzuhur prayer.

9. Give more than requested

To have a brilliant career, you should not work mediocre, but must be more than usual.  This condition is commonly called giving more than requested by your boss or company.

For example, you are asked by your supervisor to complete a sales report within 5 working days.  To give more than requested, complete the report in 2-3 days.

If you do that, chances are your boss will be happy and give more value to your performance.

10. Problem solver

It is well known, however good your planning or strategy is at work, there will be problems encountered.  Don't blame others or yourself.  Instead, be a problem solver (problem solver) by finding the root of the problem and the solution.

Do not stop there, create a system or work procedure to prevent similar problems from appearing in the future.

One technique to find the root of the problem that you can use is the 5 why technique.  You ask which begins with the word why 5 times for the problem you are facing.

For example, the problem you are facing is overtime costs which have increased from the previous quarter.  Techniques why you can do:

  1. Why has overtime costs increased?  Because 3 employees are off at the same time every month.
  2. Why are all three employees off together?  There are no holiday arrangements.
  3. Why are there no holiday arrangements?  The supervisor doesn't care about his subordinate's vacation time.
  4. Why doesn't the supervisor care about his subordinate's vacation time?  The supervisor has no plans to leave his subordinates.
  5. Why didn't the supervisor have a plan to leave his subordinates?  They don't set it every quarter.

From the above technique, the solution is to make employee vacation plans at the beginning of each quarter so that employee leave does not occur simultaneously.  Simple, right?

Having a brilliant career doesn't mean you have to work hard.  However, you also have to work smart.  Therefore, try the 10 things above now so that your career can improve from year to year.  Good luck!

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