10 Easy Ways to Create a Good Work Environment

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10 Easy Ways to Create a Good Work Environment
The work environment plays an important role in the success of a company. The better the environment, the employee will feel comfortable and productive work.

Not only that, they will also be able to bring out their best potential. Not just for the sake of salary, but they do it for the company's progress in the long run.

Don't worry if you don't know how to create a good work environment in your company right now. Believe it or not, the method is not as difficult as most people think. Here are 10 ways you can do to create a good work environment.

1. Recruit the Right Staff 

The people you recruit to work at your company will be a part that contributes to the conditions of the work environment. So make sure that you recruit people who are professionals, can work in teams or individually, and can contribute to creating a conducive work environment.

There is a proverb that says "because of speck of tilapia, damage to neighboring milk" which means roughly because there is a speck of bad little things, badness can affect and damage the entire environment in contact with it.

Therefore, if you feel that there are prospective employees who are talented but have the character of 'toxic' or reduce the productivity of other employees in various ways, as much as possible you do not recruit them.

2. Facilitate Employees to Collaborate

The third way to create a good work environment is to facilitate employees to collaborate and discuss. Arrange work tables in one room so that they are facing each other. Or if the office is cubicle-shaped, provide a special space for employees to discuss and collaborate.

A good company is a company that can facilitate its employees to continue to work together and not work independently. Cooperation is obtained by discussing and supporting each other's work.

By facilitating employees to interact more often, you will indirectly have employees who pay more attention to the results of their work and always want to have a bright career.

3. Occasionally Treat Your Employees

After completing a large project or when the employees work really well, try to get them to eat together. This is one of the simplest ways to increase employee satisfaction.

By treating the employees, this means that you give appreciation to the results of their work. People who feel appreciated will work even harder and maintain their achievements.

No need to go far and special planning, even by ordering pizza or other delivery food to eat together at the office will certainly create positive energy in the work environment.

4. Put one board in the workspace

Is there a large blackboard in the room where the employees work? If not, you can start providing blackboards as a way to support a productive work environment.

Use markers that are easily erased to write various lists of work to be done in a certain period, so that every employee passes the blackboard, they will always be aware of any work that has not been completed.

Putting up a blackboard can also maintain the enthusiasm of employees completing their work before the deadline ends.

5. Make sure the Office Lights are Bright

Even though it sounds trivial, with good lighting, you can create a conducive and positive work environment. Poor lighting will cause your eyes to get tired more quickly, have less vision, and headaches that can reduce the performance of employees who work at your company.

Conversely, with bright lighting but not too glare, it will fill the energy of employees throughout the day so that more focus on doing work.

If your office does not allow to install large windows for natural lighting, try using lights that can be regulated.

6. Attractive Office Decoration

In this information age, offices are no longer just rigid cubicles. Some companies such as Bukalapak and Google even have play rooms for their employees, as well as room decorations that make employees not feel like they're in the office.

That way, when bored hit, employees can momentarily refresh the mind directly in the office. The human brain is actually not designed to work continuously.

At least after working 2 hours, the brain needs fresh air intake or short relaxation to be able to concentrate again. If not, the productivity decreases instead.

Therefore, start paying attention to the atmosphere in which the employees work. Can sunlight enter the workspace? Is comfortable furniture available? If not, try to do a little renovation for a better work environment.

7. Personalize the Workbench

For each employee you work with, try to provide opportunities for employees to arrange their own workplace in the way they want.

Everyone certainly has their own work environment preferences. There are those who are comfortable with various stacks of paper and documents, others are not able to stand if there are only a few messy items.

Instead of uniforming the table decorations of each employee, free them to arrange it according to their wishes, as long as it is still within reasonable limits.

8. Give Opportunities to Move

Your employees are not robots who can constantly sit behind a desk and without pause focusing on their work. Never let employees feel you are too restraining them to sit at their desks.

Sitting at a desk for a long time can also sometimes be boring, and employees need to move a little to relax their muscles and minds.

Of the several existing cases, employees who are more free to move also get more fresh air, which then affects the thinking and better performance.

9. Meet the Employees Directly

In the era of information that is already quite sophisticated, meetings can be done online through any media. Increasingly, superiors meet face-to-face with their employees for reasons of other things.

In fact, by more often meeting face to face with employees, you can get direct feedback from them. In contrast to short messages or electronic letters that sometimes are not personal.

In essence, interact more with your employees. Listen to them and you will be surprised by things you wouldn't know by chatting online.

10. Improve how to give instructions

When you want your employees to do something, don't say ‘You have to ...”. You better use the phrase "Let's get together ...", so employees will feel they are not alone in handling company affairs.

Sounds quite trivial, but it is very effective to make the work environment more comfortable. This is more influential on the mindset of employees, so that the work can be better.

Thus 10 ways to create a good work environment. A saying goes that the best director is he who can create the best working environment, and encourage his employees to always be productive at work.

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